Monday, April 1, 2013

Reduce Stress with 15 Minutes a Day of Meditation

How does a meditative hike in the hills clear your mind and protect your health?

For example, when you feel overloaded with deadlines to meet, projects to complete and difficult circumstances to solve, do you automatically head for the hills, or do you sit quietly for 15 minutes to let your mind rest and meditate?

Most people just keep running and getting more and more stressed out.

But according to Montreal psychologist, Joe Flanders, 15 minutes a day of "mindfulness' or meditation will decrease stress.  This can lead to better clarity and ability to cope.

Says Flanders, in an article in the Winnipeg Free Press, April 1, 2013,  "Imagine that if we learn to deal with those self-critical, stress-inducing thoughts, that we could learn  how to restore balance, to pay attention to this moment, how much better we could deal with things - to free up mind space.  There is a real freedom and energy when you do that."

As representatives for a leading health organization, we have seen how people under stress often exhibit various health conditions, such as heart problems, migraines, fatigue, obesity.

More and more business professionals and companies are incorporating meditation techniques such as yoga into their lives.  They see the restorative effects for the mind and body.

Start by setting your alarm for 15 minutes and just sit quietly in your sunroom, on the deck or at a nearby park.  Do that routine for one full week until it becomes a habit.  Take note of the difference you feel in your spirit, mindfulness and energy levels.  Are you better able to handle stress?

Deanna and Dave Waters
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