Sunday, January 13, 2013

The "Sitting Disease" Can Be Deadly....

Get up and run outside, walk around the office, or dance for a few minutes.  Do whatever it takes to avoid the "Sitting Disease"!

 MACLEAN'S Magazine, January 14, 2013 warns about a disease that you may have wondered about before, but now it is confirmed.  Sitting for too long in front of the television, computer, ipad, iphone, video game or a book, can be dangerous to your health.

In fact, every single hour of TV viewed could even shorten your life by 22 minutes!  Multiply that over just one day, one week, a month, a year and years....and it's is frightening.

Why is prolonged sitting such a problem?

Since your leg bones are the largest bones in your body, in terms of skeletal muscle, they are meant for movement not sitting still, which in essence deactivates them.  Your metabolic rate almost goes to zero like with hibernation.  On the other hand, television commercials encourage snacking on the wrong foods which aren't good for your health long term.

MACLEAN'S states that the U.S. population could gain an estimated two years of life expectancy by reducing sitting to less than three hours a day and gain 1.38 years from reducing television watching to less than two hours a day.  

In a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 2011, that among 100,000 Americans per year, each two-hour increment of TV watching per day was associated with 176 new cases of Type 2 Diabetes, 38 new cases of fatal cardiovascular disease and 104 new cases of all cause mortality, including cancer.

In fact, a series of articles in The Lancet declared that too much sitting is deadly, no matter what kind.  So it's not just smoking, fast foods and lack of physical activity that is dangerous, but jut the inactivity of sitting.

What can you do about this if you have to sit at a computer.....or you take in The Biggest Loser on television? 

.  Put a mat on the floor and exercise while you watch TV
.  Every 20 minutes get up and walk around for 2 minutes...just this alone will give you healthier glucose and insulin levels.
.  Set a timer for every 20 minutes to remind yourself to get up and walk.
.  Sit on an exercise ball at your desk or while watching TV, which requires activity from your legs

Avoid the Sitting Disease....move around every 20 minutes.  (Excuse me...I have to go for a walk and then I'll complete this post.)

Deanna Waters
Dedicated to Healthy Lifestyle Choices 

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