Friday, October 19, 2012

Gordon Pinsent, Famous Canadian Actor Honored in Winnipeg

Still performing at age 82, famous Canadian actor for over six decades, Gordon Pinsent explains in his new book, "Gordon Pinsent.  NEXT" why he needs to keep on acting.
We look forward to reading it and perusing the photos.

What does this have to do with health?  When we met Gordon Pinsent at the President's reception for the opening night of "A Few Good Men" at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg, we were struck with his robust health.  A humble man, you can see that the theatre world has been good for him....just as he has been and continues to be, so good for theatre, film and television in Canada and beyond.

There is no reason for a person of 82 to "retire" as often happens in the traditional world.  If you still enjoy good health, then continue contributing to the economy and sharing your talents with the world.

When you lose your health, that often slows down your activities or halts them altogether.

How do you keep your health strong through the years?   We realize that your good intentions can be negatively affected when you work or live in a toxic environment, or when you choose to smoke or to eat fatty and high glycemic meals.  Daily exercise is extremely important.  In fact, even just 20 minutes of concerted exercise a day will dramatically improve your health.

Now, add an individualized program of optimal nutritional supplementation, and you have a winning package for healthy living.

Congratulations to Gordon Pinsent for a stellar career and for blessing us all with his exquisite talents.   We look forward to his future performances.

Stay healthy everyone!

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