Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Early Self Control Pays Off for Weight Management and Financial Stability


In this video, you see one year old Jayden deciding immediately that the obnoxious laughing dog was not of interest, so he threw him away, and took off.  His cognitive thinking even at a young age, resisted putting up with this interruption in his day.  If he continues to make wise decisions like this, including his food choices, he could benefit throughout life.

"Your ability to delay gratification as a four year old can partly predict your weight decades later, adding to growing evidence that helping kids improve their cognitive control could have powerful impacts on their later lives." according to a Stanford University study that dates back to 1968, following 653 four year olds through the years to now.

In subsequent decades, they found clear correlations between cognitive control and outcomes like academic performance, financial stability and even the likelihood of being convicted of a crime.  The Globe and Mail, October 1,  2012, page L6

On the same page in the Globe and Mail, another study shows that overweight or obese teens and their parents of similar size, have an inaccurate perception of what constitutes obesity, probably because this is more the norm today.  Too few doctors talk to parents and teens about controlling weight as well.

Yet, continued weight gain can result in high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, stroke and many other serious conditions.

It would seem from the two articles, that early intervention is key to preventing health problems in the future.  Helping young children to delay gratification and to make wise choices in daily living, can result in a healthier, more prosperous life.

Deanna Waters, BSc
Committed to Health and Wellness


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