Monday, August 27, 2012

Run, Walk, Exercise, 30 Minutes Everyday

Dr. Mehmet Oz, famous television Host of his own show, and heart surgeon,  strongly recommends 30 minutes of exercise everyday to stay healthy, for your heart's sake and indeed for all parts of you!

Speaking at the International Convention of USANA Health Sciences, August, 2012, Dr. Oz gave a riveting talk on the many facets in our environment and lifestyle that affect our health.

Earlier that day, hundreds of USANA Associates walked and ran a 5K to help raise money for the USANA True Health Foundation, which supports a number of causes, including the Foundation Dr. Oz founded to reduce teen obesity.  

Here, Therese Dandeneau joined me for the fundraiser in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Exercise is even more meaningful, when you can raise funds for a great cause.

Deanna Waters
Be empowered!  Create the life you really want.

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