Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Ways to Laugh Your Way to Better Health, a Happier Life, More Success

Laughter has been credited for healing properties for cancer patients, those suffering from depression or anxiety, and perhaps most common, from relationship problems.  Happy work atmospheres produce more successful outcomes and greater employee retention.

Laughter goes deeper than that, not just for the short term benefits, but for long term wellness as well.  Laughter can lower your blood pressure, reduce the frequency of colds, increase memory and learning, make you more alert and creative.  Imagine the difference that makes on the job.

Here are three simple ways to laugh your way to better health...

1.  Take advantage of everyday ways to laugh with others.  In this photo,  I am laughing with my daughter Michele and granddaughter Heather, at the birds running across our computer screen.  Who would think laughter could be found so simply?  Be spontaneous at home and at work with ways to bring levity and togetherness through humor that lifts up and that doesn't tear anyone down, including yourself.

2.  Take in the right programmed humor.  Choose television programs, movies and theatre productions that bring out real gut laughter.  Are there comedy clubs or festivals you could attend with friends and family?

3.  Laugh out loud, vigorously, all by yourself.  Now, I would suggest you do this in the privacy of your home, or you might be transported to a hospital by your colleagues.  However, try this when you are at home alone.   Just laugh.  Out loud.  With energy.  You'll feel better, as the electical waves move through your brain, your visual sensory area and your emotional system.  Don't stop.  Laugh again out loud.  What seemed so serious will feel lighter and a positive solution might just come to mind that will be healing to you and others.

How can you laugh more today?  How can you bring laughter into the lives of others?  Share here so that we can all bring more laughter into the world.

Deanna Waters
Wishing you a happier, healthier day.   1-204-237-8250

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