Saturday, May 26, 2012

“Take Charge of Your Health with Urgency, or Become an Emergency” says Peter Rugg, MD

Dr. Peter Rugg, MD, former Chief of Emergency Medicine for a major hospital in Massachusetts, who has practiced in the emergency field for 30 years, is calling for people to take their health seriously, so that they don’t end up in the emergency ward.  

"Take control of your health with urgency rather than be an emergency", he says.

Dr. Rugg, seen here with his wife Patti,  has seen thousands of patients come again and again to the emergency ward with chronic degenerative diseases.   This is even more common than emergencies from accidents and violence.

 “At this point, we can’t prevent the disease, as it is there for life, but we stem the tide and try to bring them back to stability and to the best level of health possible,” he explains.  “However, sixty percent of people die of complications from such health problems as heart disease, lung, stroke, diabetes II, high blood pressure, cancer and so on.  Our ability to help is limited.”

It is more important and beneficial to prevent degenerative diseases for a happier and healthier population, he explains.

Dr. Rugg is refocusing his efforts in the medical field to keep people as healthy as possible for as long as possible.  This includes such lifestyle choices as plenty of sleep, low glycemic healthy diets, daily exercise and optimal antioxidant supplementation.  He now maintains a practice with urgent care patients, as well as with high performance athletes.

“The goal is to live the healthiest and happiest for as long as we can,” says Dr. Rugg.

Dr. Rugg is the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for USANA Health Sciences.  "As the former Medical Director of Quality for the Healthcare System at the hospital, I understand the utmost importance of quality excellence, which is why I am very happy to represent USANA Health Sciences, which is world-renowned for its committment to excellence in every area of the company."

Where can you put more urgent effort into staying healthy, to avoid being an emergency?

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