Saturday, January 14, 2012

Don't Drink Water With Your Meals; Wine is Better.

People in Europe have known for years that it is better to drink wine with their meals rather than water.  Like us, you might have thought it was tradition, and the fact that they can grow the grapes and make their own wine, whereas that is not as available in all parts of North America.

However, whether Europeans know it or not, they are making a healthier choice.  Wine is less destructive to your digestive system than water due to the PH level not diluting the stomache acid so dramatically, which in turn affects how much nourishment you get out of your food.

Hydration is extremely important for your body, so drink water between meals and at least 30 minutes before or after your meal.  A slice of lemon in your water physically stimulates the production of stomach acid, so add the lemon until you are able to adjust to having your meals without water to wash down the food.

We first learned about drinking water away from our meals at The Sanoviv Medical Center , established by Dr. Myron Wentz, PhD, Immunology and Microbiology, who also founded USANA Health Sciences

Having a glass of water on the table when serving guests is a tradition where we live.  It might even be considered rude or bad manners to leave glasses of ice water off the table. 

You might serve wine with the meal, but a glass of cold water with ice, would still be included.  Now you have doubled the trouble, because not only are you providing a way to dilute your guest's stomache acid, but their bodies have to take time to warm up the ice cold water.  Your water should actually be served at room temperature, which again would seem to be rude.

This all leaves us with three options, which would include drinking wine with your meal if you really must have a liquid, adding a slice of lemon to your room temperature glass of water, or eliminate water from your meals and drink it in between meals and at least 30 minutes before or after your meals.

It's not easy to make dietary changes, especially when tradition is involved, along with what is considered good etiquette.  Start with your own daily decisions and let your guests make their own choices as to whether to drink the water you have provided, with ice on the side.

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  1. I always love another reason to have a glass of wine! :) Great information--thanks for sharing.