Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reset Your New Year With These Three Simple Ways to Lose Weight and Be Fit

Just when you are losing a little weight, along comes the holidays with mounds of delicacies and your very best intentions crumble.  The weight slides back on and you wonder if it's worth the effort to try again.  Instead of focussing on your weight, set a goal like walking a 10K for charity, or biking with the kids for 5K by summertime.

Well, here are three easy ways to Reset your life, to get a great start to a healthier weight over the next few months, and to keep it there, without a bit of deprivation.

1.  When you are feeling hungry, drink a nice big glass of water, because you might just be dehydrated, rather than in need of food.  Also, you need water to digest your food properly and to flush out the waste products.  When you drink water to lose weight, start in the morning and continue throughout the day until you've reached about eight glasses.  You can even measure that out in a container and don't stop until it's all gone.

2.  Rather than having to say no to high sugar and high fat foods, say yes to raw fruits and veggies, whole grains, fish, and recipes that are low glycemic and that use Omega 3 fatty acid oils.  You will find lots of delicious healthy recipes when you search Google, or when you visit celebrity trainer, Kathy Kaehler's website and join her Sunday Setup Club.  www.kathykaehler.net  As she says, think in colors when you eat, which eliminates a lot of processed foods.

3.  Find a buddy to put in 30 minutes a day of exercise, walking outside or inside a mall, cycling, playing a sport, tossing a ball with your family.  Wear a pedometer and work towards taking 10,000 steps a day.  If you can afford it, find a good gym and even a personal trainer to tailor your cardio and weight training to meet your goals.  Kathy also has great exercise videos on her website.

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