Friday, December 2, 2011

Dance For Fun, Dance For Your Heart's Health

No matter what the weather, there is no excuse to skip an exercise routine.  Rain, snow, hurricanes, you can always dance in your own unique way, at home with the kids or just by yourself.

Blast the music and dance unashamedly with abandon to release tension, to open your mind to creative thinking and to give yourself a cardio workout.

The holiday season brings many opportunities to dance at banquets and parties, so if no one will join you on the dance floor, remind them to do it for their heart's sake.

For a spiritual boost on mornings when I'm not in the gym, I put on Praise Music and surround myself with thoughts of thanksgiving and prayer for others.  When you are fit spiritually, it brings wholeness to your body and mind as well.

And of course, I always start my day with a USANA Nutrimeal shake, laden with frozen fruit and Probiotics.  Take my USANA Essentials and other Optimizers, and I am energized, prepared for the challenges and activities of the day.

So, dance at every opportunity, for a healthier heart, body, mind and spirit.

Deanna Waters, USANA Global Leader
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