Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cancer Leads Death Causes in Canada. Exercise Builds Your Immune System

Statistics Canada reports that cancer was the leading cause of death in every province and territory for the first time.  Heart Disease held that distinction up until now.

The two diseases accounted for just over half of Canada's deaths in 2008.  Three years later, the count is no doubt worse.

Exercise can be one of your best defenses against both health challenges.   It builds your immune system, gives you a renewed sense of energy and wellness, and even causes you to choose your food more carefully.  I add CoQuinone by USANA to my regime, since various studies have shown CoQ10 can cause cancer cells to go into cell appoptosis, or cell death.

I appreciated the workout yesterday at First Choice Fitness gym, to get rid of those Mars bars that I ate from our Halloween stash.  I don't eat those all year long, so I justified my indulgence that way.  Bad choice.  So I've been working harder in the gym and going for longer walks.

If you don't have time to work out at a gym, work out with DVD's or television exercise shows.  Go for walks outdoors or in the enclosed malls.  You'll feel younger, lose weight if you need to, build strong bones and muscles,  and you'll be doing your part to stay strong and perhaps ward off heart disease and cancer.

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