Friday, November 18, 2011

Can you exercise too much?

Health and fitness articles are driving people to feel they need to exercise every day, but is that imperative?

I work out with a personal trainer 3 days a week for an hour each time.  We do a variety of cardio and weight training exercises for optimal health and fitness.

The goal is to build strong bones and muscles, a healthy heart and mental alertness.  Should I be staying there longer, or going 5 or 6 days a week?  Since I don't work out vigorously, that would certainly be something to consider.

The body does need periods to recover, so on my days off from the gym, I often walk quickly on my treadmill at home and do a few floor exercises; nothing too strenuous.

After heavy resistance and weight training, the body needs about two days to recover.  It takes just 24 hours to recover from swimming, running and aerobic activities.

If you are a serious athlete, or you simply care about your health, consider taking USANA supplements and vitamins, to replace nutrients lost during exercise, and to repair damage, such as in your joints.  Procosa is an excellent choice for healthy joints.

Deanna Waters, USANA Global Leader
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