Thursday, October 13, 2011

@USANA Rev3 Energy Drink Meets Canadian Safety Standards

Energy drinks are under scrutiny by Health Canada, so how do you find a safe product?  Well, safety and science are the strength of USANA's Rev3 energy drink.

Both the Rev3 power stick andthe Rev3 canned drink fall well within the new Canadian regulations, considered to be at a safe level.  USANA ranks consistently at the top of the wellness industry for all its products, including the energy drinks.

Dr. John Cuomo, Executive Director of Research and Development at USANA, says, "the Rev3 Can was designed to have a much lower glycemic impact than the competing crash and burn energy drinks being sold today in the mass market."

Full of great antioxidants, green and white teas comprise the caffeine in Rev3.

Dr. Cuomo explains it is the combination of high glycemic sugars and synthetic caffeine at levels that approach and could exceed the safe limits, that are causing health concerns in Canada and the U.S.  For a single serving, the new cap is now 180 mg of caffeine per single serving.

Note that USANA's Rev3 has only 120 mg in the can and just 80 mg in a stick.  Rev3 is also certified to be low glycemic,  giving sustained energy and no sugar spike.

"The USANA Rev3 energy drinks are a much safer and healthier alternative to the mass market products," says Dr. Cuomo.

And I say they are also refreshing, giving immediate and sustained energy.  Rev3 features 61 mg of all-natural ingredients including acerola, pomegranate, grape-seed extract and the company's patented Olivol olive-fruit extract.

Rev3 is my favorite afternoon drink.

Deanna Waters
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