Thursday, October 20, 2011

If you have joint pain, you have to try the new USANA Procosa.

Procosa  by USANA Health Sciences, is getting high-fives, as some of my contacts with joint pain report that they are now running up and down stairs, where that activity was slow and painful before.

Others report more flexibility and better sleep at night without suffering from painful joints.

This is wonderful news for the wellness industry and everyone who suffers with joint pain or osteoarthritis.  This gives even greater fortification for those of us who want to reduce the chances of joint problems in the future.

I loved USANA's Procosa II up until now, but the scientists at USANA are constantly researching available ingredients and formulas for its products to see if there are ways to make them even more effective.   What is so revolutionary that there is such a difference in the product?

The new Procosa includes a bioavailable curcumin called Meriva (registered trademark by Indena S.p.A.).  Studies show that Meriva has superior bioavailability and benefits for joint comfort and the inflammatory response.  I've heard it's as much as 20 times stronger than normal curcumin. 

The upgraded Procosa formula by USANA, also combines 1500 mg of highest quality, vegetarian glucosamine HCI with a special blend of important vitamins and minerals. 

Order your Procosa here and report your results back to us over the next three months.  Results vary, but we're pretty confident you will be pleased.

Deanna Waters
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