Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#Weightloss through hormone injections. Is it worth the danger?

Weight loss and wellness often go together.

Obesity, and even just being over weight, can contribute to developing Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis, according to various studies and experts.   That would seem reason enough to keep our weight under control.

Sometimes though, obesity leads to desperate measures, like the extreme low-calorie diet regime that involves hormone injections, reported in the Winnipeg Free Press, September 26, 2011.  The regime calls for 500 calories a day plus an injection of HCG, a hormone produced by women during pregnancy to help nourish the growing fetus.  The jury is still out on the safety of this program.

I remember when a friend was told to go on 1500 calories a day to lose weight and possibly avoid Diabetes.  He did it, lost weight and 30 years later is still healthy.   The Diabetes Association has excellent books and pamphlets available with healthy diet suggestions to keep your sugar intake balanced and your weight in check.

We have used the USANA RESET program successfully and helped others get their weight under control this way.   It involves the 5-day RESET kit, with 15 low-glycemic nutritional shakes, 10 nutrition bars and daily nutritional supplements.  After the five days, you go on the Transform stage, using two of the nutritional shakes for meals with one low-glycemic meal during the day, one nutritional bar and a healthy snack.   Once you achieve the weight you want, you Maintain your program by starting your day in a healthy way with a USANA Nutrimeal shake.

Fruit and vegetables are encouraged throughout the program.  At least 30 minutes of exercise is important five days a week.  Drink water throughout each day.

The USANA RESET, Transform and Maintain program is safe, nutritionally balanced, scientific and effective.

Contact me for further information.  I'll help you make a life-changing decision that can give you more years of health, fitness and happiness.  Do it for yourself and for those you care about.

Deanna Waters, USANA leader, coach and encourager
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