Monday, September 12, 2011

Go Low Glycemic for Optimal Health

Kathy Kaehler, Celebrity Trainer, Creator of Sunday Set-ups, and USANA Spokesperson, promotes low glycemic meals for everyone.

When I met Kathy at a USANA conference, I was impressed with her commitment to regular fitness regimes, optimal nutritional supplementation, and healthy eating.

"Healthy living starts with what we put in our bodies," she says.  "That's why I rely on USANA Foods.  From RESET to Nutrimeal and the bars, they're scientifically developed with superior nutrition so you can live healthier." 

If you want to stay healthy for life, think low glycemic (low sugar).  

We start out every day by adding frozen or fresh fruit to a USANA Nutrimeal shake.  It is a nutritionally balanced meal replacement that provides a healthy ratio of carbs, proteins and beneficial fats.  This helps maintain optimal health and an ideal weight.  The formulas are designed to deliver sustained energy levels and curb cravings.  I'm not hungry until lunch.

The nutritional bars are also low glycemic, balanced and delicious!  They are great for mid morning or afternoon, when you need a healthy snack.

If you're wanting to lose weight, I'd suggest starting out with the RESET Weight-management program.  It combines the benefits of a low-glycemic, Low GI diet, complete nutrition and an active lifestyle in three easy-to-follow phases:  the 5-day Jump Start, Transform, and Maintain.

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