Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Stay Fit and Healthy At Your Desk or When Travelling. Sanoviv Medical Intitute Part Four

Whether your are at your office desk, or in a hotel room when travelling, or at home, simple exercises suggested by the Sanoviv Medical Institute, make it easier for you to stay focussed, fit and healthy.

Peter Iccabazzi, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire, shows how he stays healthy at his desk.

We have been discussing ways that a person can easily exercise at their desk. The first thought almost everyone has about working out at their desk is, “Wow that would be awkward.” Well, it’s not. There are several exercises that other people won’t even notice you doing (see Exercise at Your Desk Post 2 for suggestions.)

According to, sitting at a desk all day is probably the worst thing you could do for your body. Even small tasks such as answering the phone can be bad for your bones, joints, and muscles. Dr. Sharon Hame, MD, associate clinical professor at UCLA’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery, says that she has seen a lot more than just carpal tunnel from sitting at a desk. One woman had tennis elbow from answering the phone a certain way and typing on her computer. 

Health problems related to desk jobs are increasing.

Simply stretching and moving around more often can help reduce the risk of carpal tunnel, (apparently) tennis elbow, and back pain. Humans are not made to sit all day. Our bodies require movement. Set an alarm every hour that will remind to get up and walk around or stretch; sit on a stability ball instead of an office chair. Doing this will help you avoid these problems and lead a healthier life.

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