Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Do Americans Die Younger Than Britons and Canadians?

New life expectancy figures show Americans come way behind countries like Canada, the UK and Australia.  Why?

Taken from an article by Tom Geoghegan, 
BBC News, Washington, DC  (with some of my comments in brackets)

Men in the US are on average aged 75 when they die.   That is 1.5 years younger than men in the UK and 3.5 years younger than men in Australia, says a new study by researchers at University of Washington in Seattle and Imperial College, London.  Canadian men live to an average of 78.

American women live on average to just under 81 - about three years younger than the average Australian woman.  Canadian women live to an average of 83.

Why the problem in the U.S.?  The researchers point to high rates of obesity, tobacco use and other preventable risk factors for an early death, as the leading drivers of the gap between the US and other nations.

Here are the risk factors for an earlier death:
. smoking ...responsible for one out of every five deaths in the US

. obesity ...One in three adults in the US which is 10 times as many as in Japan....therefore high rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer

. high blood pressure 

. high low-density lipoprotein cholesterol

. high dietary trans fatty acids

. high salt intake ...high blood pressure kills one in 6 people

. low dietary omega 3 fatty acids  (take USANA's BiOmega fish oil capsules every day!)

. high blood glucose (USANA's RESET program and Nutritional shakes and bars are certified low glycemic and help to control carb cravings, to help people adopt a new, healthier lifestyle)

. low intake of fruits and vegetables  (In addition to a healthier diet, supplement with USANA's top-ranked Essentials, for optimal nutrition)

. alcohol abuse

. physical inactivity  (Just a 30 minute walk each day, makes a huge difference to overall health and longevity)

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