Monday, June 20, 2011

Tips for Running a 10 K, Half or Full Marathon

Welcome to the days before and after the Manitoba Marathon....or wherever you dare to walk or run for a long distance.

In my case, it was the 10K for the first time, June 19 in Winnipeg.  Well actually,  I ran a 10K by mistake three days earlier, when I didn't realize that my pedometer was working at one third the mileage, so I just kept walking and walking until my legs gave out.  That was well over 10K. Oh, the agony that night!

So what kind of tips can I share with you, before being cajoled into taking on this challenge?

1.  Don't let friends talk you into this like I did.  Prepare and plan ahead with daily exercise, walks and runs.  If your friends are very persuasive, then be sure they show up with you, to keep up a good pace and to have more fun as well.  No one should feel obligated to stay together though, if someone wants to go faster.

2.  Be fortified.  I had a USANA Nutrimeal nutritional shake for breakfast plus my multi-vitamins (Essentials), along with stronger anti-oxidants like CoQ10 (CoQuinone) and grape seed extract (Proflavanol 100), for energy, plus glucosamin (Procosa) for the joints.  And of course, fish oil capsules (BiOmega) for the joints and the brain.  For fortification along the route if needed, I cut an oatmeal raisin USANA energy bar in smaller pieces and placed them in a baggie in my pouch.  Everything worked great.

2.  Drink plenty of fluids before the run.  They have water stations along the way, so for the 10K you don't need to bring your own water.  I find that chewing gum keeps my saliva going and I'm not as thirsty.  Does that work for anyone else?  You can also add Rev3 to your bottle of water for added energy.

3.  Wear well fitting runners especially for the occasion and break them in ahead of time.  There are insoles you can add for extra padding.  Some people add bandages to the bottom of their feet where there is particular stress to avoid blisters.

4.  Pause and stretch as needed to keep your muscles relaxed. 

5.  Establish a rhythm of walking/running and breathing.  Those who establish a comfortable, consistent speed seem to be the winners.

6.   Cool down sustenance included chocolate milk, yogurt, a bagel and banana.  Some participants apply cold packs on their muscles.  Walk around slowly for awhile.  Have a nap later.  Take it easy the next day, but do something every day anyway.   This was my first real venture like this, so no doubt there will be many more tips given to me over the years.  The ones here got me through just fine and will no doubt work for you too.

7.  Celebrate.   Congratulate yourself.   Give yourself a treat.  Congratulate others.  Plan for your next event.

Make great health an adventure!
Dave and Deanna Waters
204-237-8250   USANA Health Sciences is the product of choice for competitive athletes....and for people like us who value our health and take proactive steps every day.  Join us!

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