Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kathy Kaehler, Celebrity Trainer, Says Kick It Every Day

It Takes Daily Commitment To Be Truly Fit, says Kathy

†Kathy Kaehler is a paid endorser of USANA Health Sciences, Inc.  She has an excellent, imaginative Sunday Set Up program for planning your meals for the week, which we love.  The program incorporates the USANA philosophy of low glycemic meals.  She also introduces the stars to the USANA, nutritionals, plus the shakes and bars for healthy meals and snacks.

"I started training celebrities back in the late eighties. I left Golden, Colorado for a job working with Jane Fonda at her ranch in Santa Barbara. I had really never met a celebrity before, let alone a movie star. My time with Jane was life changing because she demonstrated such a passion and commitment to fitness. At that time she was in her 50s, and yet her physique would have challenged anyone half her age. In fact, during my interview with her while hiking through the Santa Monica mountains, I had to run to keep up with her. 

Since those days, I have worked with several movie stars, including Barbra Streisand, Drew Barrymore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kim Basinger, Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, Beverly D'Angelo, Candice Bergen, and more. The common thread with all the celebrities I have worked with throughout the years is commitment. You can't get your body in tip-top shape with just intermittent exercise. They do this for life. With or without me, they continue to workout.

I worked with Jennifer Aniston during Friends and all anyone ever talked about were her arms.
Well, she used them, from push-ups to arm exercises with a band. Today, I know she still continues working them out in different ways. I’ve read she is involved in yoga now, as a way to keep her body in shape. That said, you see the trend. You just don't stop exercising. Year to year, project to project, you just keep going.

As a side note, Kim Kardashian, who I won't put in a movie star category as she is in a category all of her own, is one of my current clients. But when I started with her, she really wasn't famous. She was just Kris Jenner’s daughter, married to Bruce, sister of many, and running a self-owned business of closet design. Workouts were not a part of her life. Now look at her! Her own show, magazine covers, workout shoes, and more. The point is, it is not really what you do, it is how often you do it for the rest of your life. So get out there and start moving.

And here’s a tip. I add in the plank move with every client of mine. I make them hold it for one minute and then finish up with 10 ten-second holds and finally 10 pop-up planks. "

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