Friday, April 1, 2011

How does Rev3 Fit Into Your Life? Energy!!!

What Kind of REVver Are You? Find Out Now!

April 1 2011 written by Teresa Elias

For writer’s row here at USANA, “revving it up” has become a passionate pastime of ours. Rev3 Energy™ helps us perpetuate our creative instincts and, in general, become our best selves from the moment that sweet elixir touches our lips until well into the evening, depending on our own personal schedules of awesomeness.
But this got me thinking. We all have different reasons for revving, and we use the powers Rev3 gives us in different ways. There has to be a way to categorize our most fun work activity. Hence, the following multiple-choice quiz was born. Have fun deciding what kind of REVver you are.

TIP: It might help you to drink a Rev3 while you’re taking the quiz. Trust me on this one.
What Kind of REVver are you?
  1. I like to drink a can of Rev3 Energy…
    a. In the afternoon, around 2:30. (+1)
    b. At night, before or during a big party. (+2)
    c. In the morning, instead of a cup of coffee. (+3)
    d. Right when I wake up — it’s sitting on my nightstand. (+4)
    e. …um, I never stop drinking it. Is that bad? (+5)
  2. I think the sound of a Rev3 can being opened sounds like…
    a. The sound of grabbing life by the horns. (+4)
    b. Total, pure, sweet bliss. (+1)
    c. A choir of angels raining their sweet, hypnotic chords down on the earth, covering every man, woman, child, and animal with joy and tranquility. (+2)
    d. Opening a can full of lightning and high fives. (+3)
    e. Chuck Norris knocking on my front door, wanting to work on his roundhouse kicks with me. (+5)
  3. When the Rev3 first touches my lips, I feel…
    a. Exuberant. (+3)
    b. Focused. (+4)
    c. Care-free. (+2)
    d. Pumped. (+5)
    e. Like I just walked through the gates of heaven and saw puppies and kittens playing with gold-plated rainbows. (+1)
  4. When someone wants to borrow a can of my Rev3, I…
    a. Am happy to share — what’s the use of drinking if you’re drinking alone? (+1)
    b. Reluctantly hand it over — I kinda wanted that later. (+2)
    c. Pretend I don’t have any more…not because I don’t want to share, but because I NEED it later. (+3)
    d. Tell them to get their own (expletive) can. (+4)
    e. Pull out a case and issue a Rev3-drinking challenge to everyone within earshot. (+5)
  5. When I drink a Rev3 before a meeting at work, my boss tells me my ideas are…
    a. “Crazy good! You’re a genius!” (+1)
    b. “A little wacky, but we might be able to work with that.” (+2)
    c. “Out of the box? Your thinking is out of this world! …Maybe when you come back to earth, we can talk.” (+3)
    d. “I’m not sure we can get explosives, The Doors, Boyz II Men, a helicopter, and Steve Jobs in for that presentation, but we’ll keep that in mind, thanks.” (+4)
    e. I’m not invited to meetings anymore. (+5)
  6. Before trying Rev3 for the first time, my energy level could be described as…
    a. Ridiculous…as in, ridiculously low. (+2)
    b. Somewhere between 0 and negative 5. (+3)
    c. You mean there’s a different kind of energy other than Rev3 Energy? (+4)
    d. High. Or at least, I thought it was, before Rev3 brought me joy and happiness. (+1)
    e. I have resolved to not think of my life before Rev3. (+5)
  7. If my can of Rev3 was made without a pop top, I would go to the following lengths to open it:
    a. Buy a hammer and bash it open with all my strength. (+2)
    b. Use my stiletto to pop a hole in it. (+1)
    c. Bite into the can with my teeth. Hey, teeth are stronger than aluminum. It can’t be that hard. (+3)
    d. Open it with The Force. (+5)
    e. Not being able to open a can of Rev3 is too distressing to think about. (+4)
  8. Because of my dedication to Rev3, I have…
    a. Broken a nail in order to pop open the can. (+1)
    b. Snuck into the PR/Social Media department and “borrowed” expired cans out of their supply cabinet. (+2)
    c. Paid $50 at the airport to have an extra checked bag full of Rev3 so I don’t run out on a trip. (+3)
    d. Stopped drinking water all together. (+4)
    e. Created a shrine to the Rev3 gods out of empty cans. And it’s the size of a small horse. Okay, a large horse. (+5)
  9. When I finish a can of Rev3, I feel like I can…
    a. Go skydiving without a parachute. (+2)
    b. Run a marathon, despite having never run a day in my life. (+1)
    c. Read War & Peace and write a 23-page term paper on Tolstoy’s effort to downplay patriotism. By tomorrow morning. Maybe I could finish it tonight. In an hour. I CAN DO IT IN FIVE MINUTES. (+5)
    d. Box a kangaroo and win. (+3)
    e. Move objects with my mind. (+4)
  10. If there were a song that represented how I feel when I’m drinking Rev3, it would be…
    a. Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina and the Waves (+1)
    b. 2 Legit 2 Quit, by MC Hammer (+2)
    c. Invincible, by Ok Go (+3)
    d. I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson, by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (+4)
    e. Calm Like a Bomb, by Rage Against the Machine (+5)   So, what kind of REVver are you? Add up your points and check it out:
    10–19 points: Respectable REVver
    You like Rev3. No, you love Rev3. But you don’t go crazy if you don’t get it, and you keep your cool under pressure situations, like when you can’t have a Rev3 one afternoon. People definitely notice a change in your behavior when you’re drinking Rev3, but it’s all positive. You’re a better version of yourself when you drink Rev3, and there’s no reason for you to stop doing what you love: enjoying Rev3 responsibly.

    20–29 points: Righteous REVver
    You would sleep with Rev3 under your pillow if your significant other wouldn’t think you were loony for doing it. But you still care enough about yourself to not ruin your reputation by succumbing to the deliciousness of Rev3 all the time, every moment of the day, and this decision has served you well. To the world, you seem normal in every respect. But in your mind, you know you’re just one Rev3 away from losing control of everything. Take a minute to really analyze what’s more important in your life: other’s opinion of you, or Rev3. Then, choose Rev3 like a real man/woman.
    30–39 points: Ridiculous REVver

    You wake up in the middle of the night to have a Rev3. Then go back to sleep and run through your dreams like a chipmunk on crack cocaine. Most people wouldn’t be able to do this, but you are special. You would replace your blood with Rev3 if it wouldn’t make your heart explode with an overwhelming amount of awesomeness. You’re planning on getting a Ph.D. in Revving, and everyone agrees you should. You’re ridiculous, sure, but also amazing. And people love you for it.
    40+ points: Renegade REVver

    No one, NO ONE drinks more Rev3 than you, and no one loves it more than you, either. You’re obsessed. Rev3 might have broken up a few of your closest friendships because those other people who don’t drink Rev3 couldn’t keep up with you. Every minute, you’re thinking about where and when you’ll get your next Rev3, and while you’re waiting, you get more done in a minute than most people get done in their whole lives. You know you can fly, you just choose not to out of what little respect you have for birds and planes, who fly without Rev3. You may be a danger to others, but the only danger to yourself is becoming overly awesome.

    I hope you enjoyed finding out about your REVness. And remember (because we have to say it)…
    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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