Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Supplements a hot topic in WTA circles

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Written by Leighton Ginn

USANA, the official nutritional supplement of the WTA Tour, guarantees the only thing fishy about its products is the fish oil. And the company backs their products with their professional athletes for up to $1 million.

That peace of mind was important for the players on the WTA when they made USANA the official nutritional supplement of their tour, particularly once drug testing was instituted. 

Each athlete is responsible for everything they take. But there have been instances where athletes took supplements and tested positive for a substance that was not listed on the label.

“I can't walk into a GNC and say everything in there is healthy and great,” said Bethanie Mattek-Sands, the highest-ranked American in the women's singles draw of the BNP Paribas Open. “You just don't know. They put the sole responsibility on the athletes. As long as you're a player and you want to be Olympic eligible, you have to watch it.”

There was a gap when the WTA instituted drug testing and before it signed with USANA, according to Liezel Huber, the top American doubles player.

As one doctor for USANA points out, nutrition is critically important for high-level athletes.

“Everyone needs proper nutrition, but athletes, especially elite athletes performing at the Olympic or professional level, they have to think twice as hard about nutrition mostly because of the turnovers because of the extreme demands they put on their body,” said Dr. Brian Dixon, a senior scientist for USANA. “They're putting pretty super-human strains and pushes on their bodies, more so than the rest of us.”

During that time, players were weary of even taking vitamin C, Huber recalls. And nutritional supplements are important for athletes who travel around the world. Huber said many players were breaking down with out the supplements.

“You can travel 40 weeks a year and still feel OK,” Huber said. “It doesn't matter what time change I'm on. We still try to eat healthy, but I don't have to worry if I got in the nutrients I need that day.”

For Huber, she credits the nutrition as a big part of her success. Last year, Huber was the No. 1 player in doubles at the age of 34, an age when most other tennis players have long been retired, let alone playing at a high level.

Huber isn't the only athlete who is an enthusiastic supporter of USANA. Cathedral City's Timothy Bradley, who is 27-0 as a boxer and won three world championship belts, has been sponsored by USANA for years and said it makes a huge difference for him.

Without a knockout punch, Bradley's advantage in the ring comes from being in superior shape. So Bradley depends on his supplements to provide him the proper nutrition.

“If the fight is 50-50, and when the tough gets going, the fighter who takes care of him self is the one who will come out on top. A fighter with proper nutrition will win every time,” Bradley said.

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