Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ask This Question To Get Action In Business

How Serious Are You?                                            By Michael Oliver

Here's a great question to ask your lead when someone has expressed a need to change their circumstances.

Quietly ask, "How serious are you?"

This question can then be followed with a selective string of qualifying questions to explore their level of commitment, such as...

. So if the right thing came along is it something you would do right away?"
. How important is it for you to do that?
. Is there anything to stop you doing it right now?
. How much time and effort would you put into something to get where you want to go?" 

Sometimes you can rephrase the first quesiton, especially when you're talking with someone who has expressed a degree of seriousness, or talking with a certain personality style such as a no-nonsense-let's-get-on-with-it type of person.

You would then ask in a conversational way something like, "I take it you're serious then?"

Asking the "serious" question helps separate those who are just tire kicking and interested, from those who want to take action or are close to it.  It also allows them to clarify for themselves their own level of commitment to change their present circumstances. 
Of course, you might also want to ask this question of yourself, "How serious are You?" 

How serious are YOU about making a difference in your life through helping others make a difference in theirs?  If you're going to ask others, they might ask YOU about YOUR level of commitment!

So, it's worth being prepared!  Also, personal growth is an ongoing journey and it's useful to review and confirm your own progress from time to time.

Reprinted with permission from Michael Oliver, Natural Selling Sales Training  http://www.naturalselling.com 

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