Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zinc Ahead Of Chicken Soup for Colds.

Scientists still haven't discoverd a cure for the common cold, but researchers now say zinc may be the next best thing, according to an article in the Globe and Mail,  Canada's national newspaper, February 17, 2011.

"Over all, it appears that zinc does have an effect in controlling the common cold," says Meenu Singh, the medical review's leading author and a professor in the department of pediatrics at the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education andResearch in Chandigarh, India.  "But there still needs to be concensus about the dose."

The new report says it's not certain how the mineral curbs colds, but it appears to have antiviral properties that prevent the cold virus from replicating or attaching to nasal membranes.

Personally, we take the Usana Booster C 600 at the very first sign of a cold to hold it off or cut it short.  Zinc, elderberry and echinacea are part of the formula, along with Usana's patented Poly C.  See the information that follows.  

According to this article, the review found that not only did zinc reduce the duration and severity of common cold symptoms, but regular zinc use also worked to prevent colds, leading to fewer school absences and less antibiotic use in children.

Booster C 600™

It’s important to give your immune system the support it needs, especially with the stress it’s under during winter. That’s why USANA created a new product specifically designed to support healthy immune defenses—Booster C 600™.

Health Basics
  • Uses zinc, elderberry, and high-quality echinacea
  • Incorporates USANA’s proprietary Poly C® vitamin C blend
  • Low calorie with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors
  • Formulated by USANA scientists

Did You Know?
The proprietary Poly C used in the Booster C 600 blend has been shown to provide higher levels of vitamin C over a longer period of time.

Why Booster C 600?
What sets Booster C 600 apart from other immunity supplements on the market is its special blend of immunity-supporting ingredients. Not only does it contain zinc, echinacea, and elderberry, but it also includes USANA’s own proprietary vitamin C supplement Poly C. And, as it is created by scientists at USANA, you can trust that Booster C 600 is safe, pure, and effective.

Booster C 600 is also the perfect seasonal companion to USANA’s other supplements that support immunity health: Proflavanol® C100, USANA® Probiotic, Pure Rest™, and USANA’s Vitamin D supplement. Because of the potent immune boosting ingredients that Booster C 600 provides, it should NOT be taken longer than two weeks at a time. It is the perfect solution just for those times when you feel your immunity needs a little boost.

Note:  USANA'S Essentials (vitamins, antioxidants and minerals) provide 40mg of zinc citrate every day, for a regular dose of this immune booster.

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