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The Way We Think Affects Our Health

Release the Power Within
The benefits of this training to your organization
No lost time by any member of your staff for these 2 hour training session are designed to work before after work lasting just 2 hours
There content will change the way you work starting the next day
At the end of each session you will see the change in your self
There return on Investment is within one week
If you have children you can train these life changing skills  to them
Your current workload can be reduced by 20% what you do with the time saved is up to you
These 2 hours of breath taking personal development will only cost you per person .
Phone: 0121 471 1451
Fax: 0121 415 5388
Paget and Partners
22 Pebble Mill Road
Birmingham B5 7SA
£ 100 per person
Or if you agree to at least 2 of them
£ 80 per person
Byte Size Training
Dr Roy Paget
All the courses are centred around Dr Pagets paradigm of learning
Course 1 Data Input
How you  efficiently do you put data into your brain, this course will improve your input rate at double your current speed with a comprehension improvement increase by 100%
Course 2 Data Input Advance
Here you improve previous learnt skills and add to them even more efficient ways of data input which will include inputting paragraphs at a time and using your peripheral vision to read a line at a time
Course 3 Data Organisation
How to ensure that the data you put in is encoded with past experience and using graphical techniques release the power of your thinking  by releasing the power of your right hemisphere in to your work , you will need to experience the change
Course No 4
Data Retrieval How my putting memory triggers into your work you will develop a supercharged memory in other words you will memorise the brains way
Since 1993 raised the grades of over 1 million students who had failed education and through the approached contained in these courses helped over 200,000 adults release the power within and recognised across the globe as an expert on how the brain learns
See the limits of your current mind melt away when you release the power within
There is a maximum of 12 delegates per course so book now and reserve your place to release the power within you
Byte Size Brain Training is changing lives
Why not yours
A 2 Hour Training Sessions one evening from 7pm to 9pm that can change your life forever
Why should you come?
Irrespective of your age, gender or culture you would like to improve your personal performance
The training sessions requires no previous knowledge, you have the ability already all that it needs is to release
It will dramatically improve your self confidence
If you have children you can pass these skills so that they will enrich their lives forever
You can discover the secret of Life Long Learning
List of skills that is available
Knowledge Absorption Part 1
Knowledge Absorption Part 2
Developing your visual mind
Advance memory techniques
Raising your self esteem
Motivating yourself
Setting goals the realistic way
Developing the creative mind
Developing your thinking  skills  Part 1
Developing your thinking skills Part 2
How to defeat the cancer of the mind Procrastination
Communication the Brains way
Problem Solving
Dealing with stress part 1
Dealing with stress part 2
Improving relationships Part 1
Improving relationships part 2
Students study skills Part 1
Students study skills Part 2
Students study skills Part 3
The £80k Business
The basic Requirements
You like people
You like helping people
You can be persuasive in your conversations
You have no fear of selling
You can find a low cost venue to seat say 10 people. Your own dinning room at home will do
A computer and access to the internet is essential
It helps if you have a network of people
If you attend the two day training course
How the Business works
We provide you with the courses out of which you will select at least 5 to start you off
We will provide you with all the materials
Together we will work out a marketing plan
How we think your business will run ( of course this is only our view you may run your entirely different depending on your environment and your creativity)
Stage 1 After training you will sit and relax and visualise your future business for there is no reason to give up the day job for now
Stage 2 Clients is the core of your business as they are with every other business
Write all the people you know who your first courser will apply to pick up the phone and talk to them and get their reaction if you only get 3 run your first course
Stage 3 At the end of the course ask them if they would like to sign up for your next course and can they recommend 3 people who they feel it may apply to
Stage 4 Now you are feeling more confident you can broaden your approach with facebook linkedin or any other method. Send out an email to all your contacts
Stage 4 Consider building a team of 4 more trainers to join you, before you do make sure you have worked out a business plan for them and You
Your Training
It will last 2 days usually run at a weekend
You will experience the effect that each course yourself has on YOU
You will go through detailed training on how to deliver the course
You will design your own market plan for it is your business
You will be given all you need to run the courses you have selected
Financial Issues
You get 100% of the profits from your business less any commissions you agree to pat out to members of your team
You pay us one fee for this business
£7500 +VAT
This sum pays for the intellectual copy write of this unique material plus your training and resources that you are given
Plus £2000 +VAT for every addition 5 courses you get trained on but that will come out of your profits when you business is earning you a substantial income
The small print
You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement
You are not allowed to use the material outside the byte size business
Although you are allowed to adapt the material to suit clients needs you are not allowed to train other material within the byte size business
If you come up with a specific

Why should we care How we think....By Dr. Roy Paget

Here is some compelling evidence from research from across the Globe.   I ran across this Blog post by Dr. Paget and thought I would share it with you.  It's fascinating and provides evidence that we need to control our thinking for greater happiness and success in life. 

  • “There is convincing evidence that psychological states do affect health. Depression, grieving, pessimism all seem to worsen health in both the short run and long term” (Martin Seligman, Learned Optimism, 1998). 
  • Success depends on “mature adaptations” including altruism, humor, self-management, and optimism/anticipation. People do change over time (George Vaillant, Adaptation to Life, 1995). 
  • 75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies, including inability to handle interpersonal problems; unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict; or inability to adapt to change or elicit trust (The Center for Creative Leadership, 1994). 
  • 85-95% of the difference between a “good leader” and an “excellent leader” is due to emotional intelligence (Goleman, 1998). 
  • Impulsive boys are 3-6 times as likely to be violent as adolescents, and impulsive girls are 3 times more likely to get pregnant in adolescence (Block, 1995). 
  • Optimism is a skill that can be taught. Optimists are more motivated, more successful, have higher levels of achievement, plus significantly better physical and mental health (Seligman, 1991). 
  • The chronically sad/depressed are 2 times as likely to contract a major debilitating disease (McEwen, Stillar, 1993) (Robertson & Ritz, 1990). 
  • People who accurately perceive others’ emotions are better able to handle changes and build stronger social networks . 
  • Children’s abilities to handle frustration, control emotions, and get along with other people is a better predictor of success than IQ . 
  • Emotions and reason are intertwined, and both are critical to problem solving (Damasio, 1997). 
  • Social and emotional abilities were four times more important than IQ in determining professional success and prestige .

If you want help to get your thinking right please contact me

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