Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seven Secrets For Living in Abundance

Looking for Secrets to Pay Off Debts, To Live Without Fear?

Did you know that the majority of families are within three months of bankruptcy?

If their paychecks stopped, their savings are too limited to give them six to twelve
months to find another job.

You have the answer. Be free of bosses, set hours, employees and glass ceilings.

How? By networking. The world survives on it, but you can help others live in abundance. Financial Freedom. You refer people to good restaurants, hair salons, financial planners, car dealerships. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get a commission for doing that? That is what network marketing does for you.

That is one of the biggest secrets to pay off debts, to live without fear, and to find financial freedom. Be inspired to experience that for yourself, and then help others do the same.

1. Be inspired with a big "why". What are the costs to you if you don't take the initiative to push past your comfort zones and spread the word about your network marketing company? Could you lose your house? Could you not give your kids a university education? Would your retirement years be limited?

2. What is your "Why" on the reward side? If money was no longer an issue, where would you travel? What charity would you help in a bigger way? Would you like a better home or car? Could you help someone get through university? How about you? What are your personal dreams?

3. Team up with successful people. Follow their system.

4. Be a constant learner. The more you grow personally and develop your skills, the faster your income with grow.

5. Take action. While it is important to set written goals and plans, you must take daily action steps and follow up with your contacts. You've heard it before: the fortune is in the follow up. So, have a system to do that.

6. Balance your life with play, persistence, patience, passion and prayer. Do your part and cooperate with God on the results.

7. Be thankful, whatever the outcome. Gratitude spills over into every area of your life and attracts good people to you. As you walk in praise and thanksgiving, your troubles will seem smaller and you'll be amazed at the way answers will come your way. 
Deanna Waters
Promoting The Healthy Home, toxin free, proactive with health, financially abundant.

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