Friday, January 21, 2011

Usana, Michelle Obama and Wal-Mart Address Obesity

"Wal-Mart has changed the way people shop, now it wants to change the way they eat," declares Canada's national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, January 21, 2011.

The world's largest retailer announced a five-year plan to cut prices on healthy food and press its suppliers to cut back on sodium, sugar and transfats in their packaged products.

Usana Health Sciences has been addressing these issues as well.

. Dr. Christine Wood, MD, Pediatrician, a regular on national television and radio in the U.S. provides guidelines for parents to help their children eat healthy and avoid obesity.  Check her website at: and her book, "How to Get Kids to Eat Great and Love It"   Dr. Wood is a member of Usana's Scientific Advisory Board.

The company's 5 Day RESET program and TRANSFORM stage were developed with nutritious shakes and bars, along with nutritional supplements, to provide people with healthy alternative, low-glycemic meals and snacks to stabilize their metabolism and to reduce carb cravings.  In the process of following a low-glycemic diet, along with daily exercise, they can take control of weight management and develop better eating habits.

Usana's Rev3 nutritional energy drink is a healthy alternative to the unhealthy energy drinks on the market.  Low-glycemic and loaded with healthy nutrients, people of all ages can benefit from Rev3 without putting on weigh, having side effects, or becoming addicted.

Healthy For Life, With Dr. Ray Strand, MD.  This book, and Dr. Strand's website:  provides people with a scientific, organized way to take control of their eating habits, with delicious choices and healthier lifestyles.  Dr. Strand is a member of Usana's Scientific Advisory Board.

Congratulations to Wal-Mart, Michelle Obama, and Usana Health Sciences, for advancing the cause of healthier eating choices and lifestyles.  Obesity has many devastating consequences.  It takes everyone working together to bring about a healthier society.

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