Monday, January 10, 2011

Healthy Home, Healthy Life. What's the Formula for Success?

What's Your Formula For Success?

Success?  Success with what?   It doesn't really matter.  The same principles apply for success in business, weight management, better relationships, spiritual maturity, dream vacations....and especially to create a healthy home.

.  Be Bold.  Think Big. Go after what you want.

.  Be Specific.  Set dates for your goals and commit.

.  To create massive results, it takes massive action.

.  Stay grounded.  Build your beliefs.  Be unshakable.

.  Always be learning, attending seminars, reading, listening to CD's etc.

.  Make changes step by step so that your goals aren't overwhelming.

And for building a business with Usana (you can adapt these ideas for a traditional business)

.  Care about people.  Be genuinely interested in what's important to THEM.

.  You don't have to have a big existing network.  You can meet people anywhere.  Build new relationships.  Join new groups.  Ask for referrals.

.  Team up and create a friendly supportive win-win atmosphere.  Make life fun.

.  Busy is just a state of mind.  When your vision is big enough, you will make the time to achieve it.

.  Be compassionate.  Don't forget that the "Usana Difference" is not just in the products and business opportunity, but in our sense of family and the integrity of the company.  We believe in creating a healthy home environment in every way and helping others do the same.

There are many "Formulas for Success".   Keep it simple.  With a positive attitude, you will attract wonderful people with big dreams who are ready to take action.

Deanna and Dave Waters
Committed to healthy homes, healthy lives and overflowing bank accounts.
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