Friday, January 14, 2011

Why Exfoliate Your Skin?

In case you're not sure why you should use a Usana Loofah glove to exfoliate your skin, here are a few reasons:   

Is your skin screaming out for some attention? Why not answer its call with an invigorating exfoliating experience? Exfoliation is the skin's natural process of shedding dead cells. A new layer of cells is formed at the bottom of the epidermis (that's fancy speak for skin), and it pushes the old skin cells to the surface where they eventually dislodge and flake away. By adding exfoliation to your daily routine, you can assist this natural process at the surface to encourage newer, healthier looking skin.  

Sometimes I think I don't have time to exfoliate in the shower, but think about it.  It takes a few seconds to put the gloves on and a couple of minutes to exfoliate.   I have heard that you should brush from the extremities towards the heart.  Exfoliating also helps with healthy circulation.
Best of all, it feels great!  I can't wait until those new gloves are available from Usana.  Meanwhile, I like to dry brush (the brush has a nice long handle so you can get to your back) and then I use our present shower gloves in the shower.  It's worth the few extra minutes it takes to'll feel great.  It's just another healthy habit to cultivate.

Availability of New Usana Loofah Gloves Estimated for Mid-March 2011
The Sensé body polishing glove with Usana Health Sciences, just got a makeover and is now made out of 100 percent natural materials. The natural loofah sewn into the Sensé glove provides the same great gentle exfoliation but is no longer manufactured with any man-made or artificial materials.

The estimated availability of the new body polishing gloves is mid-March 2011.* Our original Sensé body polishing gloves will no longer be manufactured and are no longer available to purchase.

If you have any questions or would like to change your Autoship, please log on to or call Order Express at 1-888-950-9595.
*Please note, this date is subject to change
 Deanna Waters
Dedicated to healthy skin, and vibrant, fulfilling lifestyles.
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