Friday, December 3, 2010

To Look Great and Lose Weight: Top Goals For the New Year

What are the health and fitness trends for the new year?

Here's what the Winnipeg Free Press reported, November 22, 2010   To look great and lose weight.

Tabata Training - recreational exercisers are swapping hour-long endurance training sessions for quick, efficient bursts of activity invented from Japan's speed skating team.

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts.  The trend is towards what is fun.  Variety attracts many to these arts.

More Qualified Personal Trainers - Doctors are referring patients to qualified trainers who address particular health needs and goals.  (This is my preference.  Blake Wood from First Choice Fitness gives me an hour long variety of weight, aerobic, balance and strength activities that are a challenge and interesting.  I look foward to the sessions and feel energized and fit.)

Fun Fitness - Classes where the instructor is entertaining, positive and encouraging.  (This is what Angie Ledohowsky and Cara Potenza offer with their Usana Biggest Winner Boot Camps, shown in the photo)

Sodium Reduction - People aren't adding salt to every meal and they are reading labels carefully for sodium levels.

Super Foods - items packed with unusually high amounts of nutrients are back "in vogue"  (This is where the low glycemic Nutrimeal shakes and nutritional bars by Usana Health Sciences, fit the bill for me.  They are packed with nutrients and give the right balance of carbs, proteins and Omega 3 oils.  Love 'em!)

Active Gaming - movement based video games systems that help users get fit.  (I've seen these in action with young children and they love to challenge their sense of balance, or see how well they can improve at the various exercises.)

Cycling as Transportation - More people are biking to work, which is forcing cities to plan specialized bike lanes and cycling paths.  This is great for families too.

So choose what works best for you and your family.  The goal is to keep fit and healthy, every day, for life.

Deanna Waters   
Questions?   What's your fitness plan?
Have you made the Usana shakes and bars part of your health plan?

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