Saturday, December 18, 2010

Success Requires Breaking Through Barriers

Do you fear snakes?  I do!  Do you even have trouble looking at this photo?  Me too!

That's why on a recent trip to the Caribbean, I felt the need to take advantage of an opportunity to hold a python.  Why?  To break through a barrier.  I avoid snakes at every turn.  I close my eyes when they are pictured on television.  I turn my head at a zoo, going past their enclosure.  I shudder at the thought of ever being near one.

But this one looked docile with his handler.  And the little Christmas hat made him even look cute.  So I took the plunge and held him.  I could feel his pulse, which was proof that he was real.  It wasn't that bad until he began to turn his head towards me. That's when I called for the handler to take him back.

What did I learn from this?  I can do what seems impossible.  I am braver than I thought.

Translate that into business, and it says that we can all bust through barriers that are holding us back from greater success.  We just need courage to be bold.  Where there is fear, there is no faith.   Where there is faith, there is no fear.  Do I have faith in myself?  Do you?  For instance, I have faith in God's presence in my life and all the provisions promised in the Bible.  So, it's time to move forward with greater energy and positive expectations.

When sharing Usana Health Sciences with others for instance, it is often fear that holds a person back from making appointments.  And yet, there really is nothing to fear.  A "no" may mean they need to know more.  Ask permission to send them information about the company or products. Or, the timing just isn't right, so ask permission to keep in touch.

Life is full of challenges and barriers to jump over, run past, push through or ignore.  Make this a courageous and wildly successful life!

P.S.  I like Karen Shumka's reaction to the photo:  "Frankly, it would make a nice purse"

Deanna Waters
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