Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sledding Is Good for Your Health and Business

Sledding down a golf course hillside in Massachusetts, has to be right up there as number one for crazy fun, fresh air and fitness.  Add family members, and it's a little bit of Heaven.   That's me making the noise in this video.

Entrepreneurs can become so committed to building a successful business, they can forget to take a break and just have some all out fun.  Escape with family and friends.  Don't even check the computer.  Leave the cell phone and texting behind.  Scarey thoughts!

I remember taking courses from The Strategic Coach, an advanced program for executives and entrepreneurs who earn over $100,000 a year.   We were advised to take two days off each week, preferably Sunday and Wednesday.  During that time,  there would be no checking the computer or phones.  We were to develop interests and activities that would revive us mentally and physically.

For me, that was lap swimming, time at the gym, and fine arts.  However,  I have never really developed the discipline to totally put business out of mind.  Even now, I am on holidays, but I just had to share this sledding experience with you.

To be honest,  my lifetime profession has been as a journalist, so for me, this is therapeutic.  For you, be sure to take time for yourself, family and friends.  It's good for business and good for your health.

Deanna Waters
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