Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Squeaky Joints? OsteoArthritis?

Time has a way of wearing down the cartilege in your joints over the years, especially if you have been athletic or exerting yourself on the job.  And, what if you just want to protect your joints for the future?

No doubt you've heard of the nutrient glucosamine.  Most doctors today will encourage their patients to take that for troubled joints.  Tumeric Extract, a powerful anti-inflammatory also helps.  It's been shown to be more effective than Chondroitin.  That's why I take Usana's Procosa II, since it includes both ingredients at optimal levels.

Here's some information on Procosa II in case you are looking for something that truly works:

Procosa® II

Health Basics
  • Delivers glucosamine sulfate at doses clinically shown to help maintain healthy cartilage and joints
  • Vitamin C, manganese, and silicon provide additional nutrition essential for joint health
Procosa II Difference

Contains a dosage of glucosamine sulfate 33 per cent higher than the industry standard

USANA Difference
  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Science-based
  • Pharmaceutical Quality

Procosa® II
You can mess with your family, your neighbors, and maybe even your boss, but one thing is for sure—you can’t mess with your joints. Active adults and athletes all agree that joint problems can be an unforgiving and formidable foe that can cause you problems throughout your life. However, you’re not helpless. 

Clinical studies suggest that adding glucosamine to your diet helps maintain healthy cartilage and joints. Procosa II is not only an excellent source of glucosamine, it’s formulated with vitamin C, manganese, and silicon to provide additional nutrition essential for optimal joint health. 

Another advantage of Procosa II is that it contains turmeric extract. Procosa II is a great way to start taking care of your joints.

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