Monday, January 24, 2011

Skip the Dip at Parties

No double dipping at parties!

How many times have you seen someone dip a shrimp in a bowl of salsa, take a bite, and then dip that same shrimp once again in the salsa?

With just a few people doing that, you could have 10,000 bacteria swimming in the bowl of salsa.  So, do you really want to eat someone else's bacteria?  Nada.

Sometimes I think, "Oh well, I'm protected by my various Usana products, so don't worry about it."  Not a good idea.  There have actually been studies about double dipping.

To be safe, skip the salsa and cheese dips....or when you arrive first, put a portion on your own plate for personal use.  And don't you be caught double dipping!

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