Monday, November 1, 2010

I climbed 115 floors for Children's Hunger Fund

 Here I am climbing stairs in a fundraiser for the Children's Hunger Fund, hosted by the owners of First Choice Fitness in Winnipeg.

You'd have to climb 3629 floors in a building to reach the top of Mount Everest.  The most I've climbed in one session is 115 floors, but others, like Angie Ledohowski climbed 862 floors in 3 hours and 18 addition  to 652 floors another day! She's amazing.

Neither of us liked the stair stepper before this, but the owners, Blake Wood and Richard Burr, kept encouraging us with, "The kids need you!" The whole Gym has chipped in on the stair stepper to reach the goal.  When we reach the top, the owners will donate $300 to CHF.

It's amazing how a person can become motivated to push through to new levels in life, when you are doing something good for someone else.

The Children's Hunger Fund reaches out to children and families in impoverished countries around the world.  They often partner with other organizations and churches to build schools and orphanages.  They were among the first on hand after the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in Thailand.  Food Packs are delivered to families in major U.S. cities, plus in other countries.

I travelled to Uganda with the CHF (The charity of choice for Usana Health Scienes) and witnessed how the organization brings food, clothing, school supplies and hope to young people of all ages.

Dave just returned from Peru with the CHF and saw once again the joy people experience, knowing that someone cares in a very tangible way.

Make a Difference in your own way today.

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Together, we can climb mountains and change lives.. 

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