Wednesday, November 3, 2010

High Vitamin B2 and B3 levels Reduce Colon Cancer

Colorectal Cancer, or Colon Cancer, (in the large bowel) is becoming a growing concern for those in North America.  Usana Health Sciences offers products to promote a healthy colon.

While more and more people are aware of the need to take care of their colon, with daily fiber and a regular detoxification program in their health regime, a recent population-based European study, also points to the importance of higher levels of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6.

New research reported in the October 2010 issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention shows a correlation between higher levels of vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and B6 and a reduced risk of developing colorectal cancer.  

B vitamins are essential for metabolism and have been linked to a reduced risk of colorectal cancer in previous studies. 

This European population-based study included subjects who were participants in the Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) chort.  The study included 1,365 adults diagnosed with colorectal cancer and 2,319 age and gender-matched control subjects.  Blood samples were taken at enrollment and analyzed for vitamins B2, B6, and B12, as well as 8 variants of genes that relate to the function of these vitamins.

After an average follow-up of 3.6 years, individuals whose vitamin B6 levels were among the top 20 percent of participants had a 32 percent lower risk of developing colorectal cancer when compared to those whose levels were in the lowest 20 percent.  Among those whose vitamin B2 levels were highest, the risk was 29 percent lower than those whose levels were lowest.   

There were no significant associations for vitamin B12 and colorectal cancer.  Vitamin levels were lower in smokers compared to nonsmokers, and the benefits for vitamin B6 were stronger in males who consumer one ounce of alcohol per day.

Simone J.P.M. Eussen et al. Vitmins B2, B6 and B12, and Related Genetic Variants as predictors of Colorectal Cancer Risk.  Cancer Epedemiol Biomarkers Prev; 19 (10), 2549-61

Which Usana products do I take to promote a healthy colon?  (This may seem like a lot, but think of it as part of your food intake)

The Essentials - Mega Antioxidant contains 54 mg of vitamin B2 and 64 mg of vitamin B6 taken as directed.

Fibergy Plus - It promotes bowel regularity, which helps move wastes and toxins out of the colon quickly and efficiently. 

Digestive Enzyme - It promotes healthy digestion by helping to break down food and reduce stress on the digestive tract.  It also supports detoxification by bonding with and moving wastes out of the body.

ProBiotic - This supports the balance of good bacteria in the intestines, to support digestion and the elimination of wastes.  It also helps support a robust immune function.

Hepa Plus - The liver filters virtually every toxin that passes through your body.  Debility in this important organ will impact every other body system.  I don't miss a day without Hepa Plus!

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