Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Samaritans Live Next Door

We have a couple of Good Samaritans living next door.  They look like ordinary people, but they aren't.  They are EXTRAORDINARY!

Shane and Katy Devlin enjoyed a meal down on our river bank, as we all huddled in the chilly fall air.  It was a small thank you for the many ways they help us throughout the year, just from the goodness of their hearts.

We'll hear a lawn mower, and Shane will be out there mowing our lawn.  And then one day I looked out the window to see two legs on a ladder.  It was Shane cleaning out our eavestroughs. 

Already, this winter we've had so much snow, the city's budget for snow clearing is gone.  Meanwhile, Shane has been busy with his snow blower, cleaning our driveway and walk.  (I am so thankful for that, because the other night I was truly afraid I would have a heart attack from all the snow shoveling I did.)

Neighbors like Shane and Katy are a most wonderful gift.  We love them dearly.  How can we ever thank them enough for their thoughtfulness?  Hopefully, we can be Good Samaritans to them and others in the coming year.

I hope you have friends like Shane and Katy. 

Deanna Waters  1-888-320-8250
Be a good friend to someone today.... 

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