Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chronic Stress Is Death By Overwork. Are You Free Yet?

The bad news is that "a growing body of research shows that stress has a direct impact on our health, affecting everything from cholesterol levels and the likelihood of developing diabetes to obesity and sexual dysfunction.  In fact, chronic stress can change the body on a cellular level, modifying our brains, our chromosomes and even how babies develop inutero."  The Globe and Mail, Oct. 30, 2010

The good news, is that I'm sitting here drinking Usana's Calming Tea, a soothing herbal infusion designed to help you relax without losing your focus.

More bad news: "Most people believe they can control their stress, but it's a physical response, an evolutionary tool.  Whether faced with a deadly threat or a looming deadline, the body does the same thing - it releases cortisol and adrenalin, hormones that trigger our fight-or-flight mechanism.

But once the stress becomes chronic, the brain considers everything a threat and releases hormones pre-emptively.  Over time, this affects the brain, causing sleeplessness, fatigue and poor concentration, as well as depression, anxiety and burnout."

Another problem, the newspaper article says, is that through the hippocampus, the brain links stress response and memory, so we can remember a threat.  But flooding it with cortisol can change the circuitry and disrupt the formation of new memories.

Just reading this is stressful!   

But there is more good news:  One of the ways we reduced chronic stress was to leave the corporate world and start our own business, as Associates with Usana Health Sciences.  Working together from our own home, my husband and I can work at our own pace, without stressful deadlines, and we can set our own goals. It's a joy to work together with others to help them experience more freedom as well.

Maybe I'll have a nap now.  Or check out Facebook.  Or read a devotional on my iPad.  Freedom from Stress.  Love it.

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