Friday, November 12, 2010

Ask Probing Questions to Build Your Business

 An experienced entrepreneur shared a question that he asks successful business people:

"Do you keep your options open for other streams of income?"

They might answer, "I suppose so.  What kind of money are you talking about?"

He'd answer, "The kind that pays you while you sleep, or while you're on vacation.  You know, the automatic, ongoing, residual kind of income."

When they say, "Sounds good.  Tell me more."  He'd answer, "How serious are you?" 

There could be all kinds of responses to that question, but it separates people who are just kicking tires from those who know they can do better.  It helps them clarify for themselves whether they are committed to a fresh challenge.

"So, if the right thing came along, and it didn't interfere with what you are doing now, would you be ready to take action?"

They might want more information and wonder if they have time, a valid excuse but not a good reason.

"How much time and effort would you be willing to put into something in order to reach your goals?  Can you see all the little nooks and crannies in your life where you could build another source of income?  The snatches of time, here and there?

At this point, they will either back off, or ask to meet and explore your proposal.  Now you decide whether they are the right person for your time investment.  You can only help people who are truly serious about making a change.  They must be willing to learn and to take action on a consistent basis.  For those who are positive, say:

"I take it you're serious then?  Let me give you a good overview of the opportunity, and you determine how it can best fit into your life."

That's a hypothetical conversation of course.  You'd run with it in your own words and as appropriate.  The key seems to be in asking questions that cause a person to think seriously about their present situation and what they are willing to do to improve it.

Deanna Waters
As Michael Oliver, marketing guru says, "How serious are YOU about making a difference in your life through helping others make a difference in theirs?"

Questions?  Ready to change your life?

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