Monday, October 11, 2010

Usana Million Dollar Club Within Reach For Everyone

Every age.  Every background.  Men.  Women.  Couples.  Families.  Whatever the education, a wide variety of people make up the 125 and more members of Usana's Million Dollar Club.

That doesn't mean they sold one million dollars worth of product in a certain time frame.  No, that means they earned a million dollars since signing on as an Independent Associates to represent the company.

For us, it took eight years.  (See our star outside the corporate office!)  For others, only four.  For others ten or twelve years.  The common denominator is that they didn't quit.  They followed their dreams and helped others do the same.

 But let's get practical.  What similar traits or activities do million dollar earners share:

1.  They continually write down their goals:  Daily, weekly, 90 day goals and then long term for 5 and 10 years.  This gives direction and definite action steps to move forward.

2.  They keep adding to their list of contacts: they attend community events, they might advertise, be active in the social network online, take leadership roles in organizations, volunteer.

3.  They communicate with their teammates and challenge them to be leaders, to attend Usana events and to grow personally.

4.  They use the Usana tools: The e-Apprentice, The new Health and Freedom Solution DVD, the Media Center online, DVD's, CD's, printed materials, conference calls.

5.  They maintain a positive attitude no matter what the situation.  Every business has its ups and downs, its glitches and disappointments.  The key is to keep the vision to make a difference in people's lives for their health and finances.  Push through to victory.  The next person you meet could take you to the next level of success, and find wonderful results with the products.

Put those winning attributes into practice, and you too, will one day be a member of Usana's Million Dollar Club!

Deanna (and Dave) Waters, Fortune 100, Million Dollar Club
Dedicated to Promoting a Happy, Healthy Lifestyle.

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