Saturday, October 2, 2010

Usana in Edmonton Shows Strong Business Leadership

 What constitutes a thriving team in business?  We're all aware that success in any organization requires strong leadership, with the full embrace of a common vision by everyone involved.

That's what my husband Dave and I discovered was present with the Edmonton Usana Health Sciences team, when we were invited to speak and train there for the new Health and Freedom Solutions DVD introduction.

Diamond Directors, Faye and Ray Despins are enthusiastic, inspirational and well organized.  Sandy Lancelot, Gold Director, along with her husband Joe, although crossline, draw alongside with great spirit, and take full responsibility for staging events as well.  Other leaders there also participate fully and engage their teams to action.
We've learned in Winnipeg, that business growth requires the dedication and enthusiastic involvement of everyone.  There are no insignificant jobs.  They all count.  

From greeters at the door (Walmart taught us that) those who gather the those who those who encourage with a smile and a those who simply show up.  When you are not at an event, you leave a hole in the success formula.  You are important.

Keep moving forward together, Edmonton.  You are a real inspiration!  Thanks for welcoming us so warmly.

Deanna Waters  (and Dave)
Diamond Directors
Dedicated to Promoting a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle 

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