Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Usana Boot Camp Addresses Weight Loss and Strength Training

Usana's "Biggest Winners" Boot Camp in Winnipeg is wildly successful.

Imagine an hour and a half of exercise using chairs as props.

Sitting down and standing up, over and over again, so quickly that no one can keep up.

Lying on the floor with your feet up on the chair, and then reaching up to touch your toes, (or knees) until you want to cry "uncle".

Marching by your chair, knees high... 
and then lunging past your chair.

Most important, you're laughing along with 30 other women who are dedicated to healthier lifestyles through exercise at the boot camp three times a week.   
You're eating low glycemic meals.  
You're loving Usana's RESET program of low glycemic shakes and bars.
And you're fueling your body with Usana's award winning nutritional supplements.

Spearheaded by Angie Ledohowski and Cara Potenza,
the Biggest Winners Boot Camp is a resounding success, making a true difference in the lives of everyone who participates.
I know it's making a difference for me!

Deanna Waters
Dedicated to Promoting a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle
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