Friday, October 29, 2010

Reduce Memory Problems/Alzheimer's by Walking, Dancing and More...

Line dancing.
Walking.  Cycling. Swimming.
Hiking. Playing a sport.

There are many joyous ways to get in all the steps needed to keep your brain active and healthy through the years.  But do it now.  Don't wait until it is too late.

According to Time Magazine, October 25, 2010, there is a 50% drop in risk of developing memory problems among elderly who walk 6 to 9 miles (10 to 15 km) a week.  So, do we just start walking at age 75, or should we be starting at age 20 and younger?

Time reports that after years of disappointing vaccine and drug trials, researchers are finding new ways to interrupt the memory-robbing disease just in time for an anticipated explosion in cases.

The six page article finishes with, "By knowing they are at risk for Alzheimer's, patients can plan better for the future and make changes to their lifestyle, such as exercising and staying mentally and socially engaged - behaviors known to delay the onset of symptoms."

What steps can you take to keep a healthy brain and memory?

1.  Establish a daily exercise program that you enjoy.  Find a buddy...or a personal trainer.

2.  Challenge your brain with cross word puzzles, reading, board games, business and volunteer work.

3.  Feed your brain!  Your brain is an organ that needs daily nutrients.   I use the Usana BiOmega fish oil capsules, Proflavanol C100 which gets through the blood brain barrier, Gingko -PS to retain mental acuity and cognitive health.

4. Laugh and have fun.  Your mind works better when it is at peace and is receiving positive messages.  Love and be loved.

Deanna Waters.  Are you doing everything to keep a healthy brain and memory?

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