Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dr. Peter Rugg, MD, Calls For Urgency, Rather Than An Emergency For Your Health

If you want to be inspired to adopt a healthier lifestyle, just attend a seminar with Dr. Peter Rugg, MD, FACEP, who explains the difference between an attitude of "urgency" for your health, or being an "emergency" patient.

Board Certified in Internal and Emergency Medicine, Dr. Rugg directs the emergency ward of a large hospital in Massachusetts and is an Associate Professor at a University Medical School as well. He is the Chair of Usana's Scientific Advisory Board.

Dave and I spoke at a Usana event this year in the Boston area with Dr. Rugg, along with Jose Antonio Rivera, three time world boxing champion in his category. (See us all in the photo above).

Dr. Rugg works with elite athletes to help them gain the competitive edge, something we all can aspire to for our daily lives.

Peter Rugg and his wife Patti, are a beautiful couple, who encourage people to do everything possible daily to guard and maintain their health, so that they enjoy optimal health lifelong.  Better to take an attitude of "urgency" towards healthy habits each day, than  be a patient in "emergency".

The Ruggs have become our personal friends over the years, and we know they love to go for long walks, they bike, hike, enjoy water sports, and are committed to fitness.  They have adopted a low glycemic meal plan and take their regimen of Usana supplements twice a day.

He will be speaking in Winnipeg, Thursday, October 28. 7 - 9  p.m. at the Viscount Gort Hotel, 1670 Portage Avenue.  Guests are welcome at no cost.  $20 per Distributorship.  This will be a most valuable evening for everyone who attends.

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