Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vacations and Network Marketing Make Sense

Did you know that in 2009, 34% of employed U.S. adults did not take their full allotment of vacation days?  Is that you?  Is that me?  Why does it matter?

According to Expedia's annual Vacation Deprivation Survey, workers in the United States receive fewer vacation days on average than those in any other major country (13 days compared to 15 in Japan, 19 in Canada, 26 in the UK, and 38 in France).

One reason we don't take vacations is that we've bought into the culture that we have to respond to customer's needs spontaneously, and they have come to expect that.  Just Text on your Blackberry and see how long it takes for a response.  Send out a Tweet or e-mail and you expect an immediate response.

Personally, I'm on a sort of vacation right now, up in a resort town for a wedding on Sunday. So my husband Dave and I drove up on Friday to make a holiday of it....and to celebrate our anniversary.  I almost feel guilty, becasue of that work ethic.  We met with a friend on business here, and the wedding party is also part of our business, so that's okay, right?

Dave and I are Canadians, with U.S. university degrees, so we have been part of the hard work ethic where you almost don't want to take a vacation because there are so many projects, task forces, studies, and all sorts of goals to be addressed.  If you're away for two weeks, it takes four more weeks to carch up.

That changed for us when we discovered the relative freedom of creating a team of hundreds or thousands in network marketing.  I say "relative" because when you are an "A" personality like me, I am so goal driven that I hate to slow down.  It's such a shock to know that we can truly take time off and our business continues to produce revenue and even increase when we are on vacation.  Whoever put this business plan together must have been a family oriented person.  I'd love to see a study that shows how couples in network marketing are more likely to stay together.

Studies show that time away from work actually enhances productivity and health.  I once attended a series of seminars for business leaders who make over $100,000 a year, and they told us to take two days off a week, where we couldn't use our cell phones or computers.  Just enjoy those days with family and friends.  Some leaders in the room looked blank.  They didn't know what to do with a free day, let alone a week or two.

In the network marketing business we have the freedom to take time off from a regular work day, and while on vacation find ourselves with a whole new group of people interested in our products or business.  Work is a vacation.  And a vacation is fun and time away with possible new opportunities.

So, I'm going to enjoy the wedding on Sunday and not even think about my business with Usana Health Sciences.  Well, if I meet someone who really could benefit from our products, I HAVE to at least give them enough information to research it for themselves, agreed?  And what if they are losing their job and looking for another stream of income?  It would be selfish to not let them know about residual income with USANA. 

Every day is a vacation and an adventure....

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