Monday, September 13, 2010

Two More Laws for Financial Prosperity and You've Got It!

According to The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity audio series, from The Financial Wellness Group, you can spend your way to wealth.

As I listened to the second disc, (I dealt with disc one in my last post) I caught the vision.  We have an infinite number of choices when dealing with finances.  Almost anyone can spend their way out of debt and achieve financial prosperity in five years or less, no matter what their salary....and build substantial nest eggs for the future and then retirement.

Here's how it works:

1.  Track your daily expenses for a month, but tracking longer is even better, to fully understand where your money is going.

2.  Target realistic goals and write them down.  What needs to be paid off as quickly as possible?

3.  Trim your spending habits to live on less than you earn.  Take 10% off each paycheck immediately to pay down debts and then to invest.  Eliminate interest payments.  What can you do without or do less?   (Dry cleaning, haircuts, memberships, eating out, junk food etc.)

4.  Train yourself about spending wisely and investing in things that appreciate in value.  Collect interest instead of paying it.  Compound interest brings riches.   Save every month now, to become a millionaire later.

 The authors note that tax deductions save thousands of dollars a year.  When we started our home-based business with Usana Health Sciences, we were astounded at the many tax deductions provided, that seriously put more money in our pockets.

The residual income resulting from loyal customers who order Usana products automatically month after month, year after year, also brings greater financial security to a household.

The authors of "The Laws", Blaine Harris and Charles Coonradt, say that your stability in all areas of life are affected by your financial stablity.  This is the foundation for family, hobbies and humanitarian service. 

"You need to be willing to change and to diligently follow the Four Laws.  It's a love of life, not of money.  Those in control are most charitable.

Make a place to improve the lives of others.  Use your time and financial resources to improve the quality of life for someone else."

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What do you think?  
Are you following the Four Laws of Financial Prosperity?

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