Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obesity and Overweight: Gambling With Your Health

Canadians and Americans are gambling with their health, with at least a quarter of the population qualifying as obese, and at least as many are overweight.  Usana has an answer.

Why the concern?  

In its inaugural study, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development detailed the economic and financial toll of rising obesity rates.  The findings are based on data from 11 of its 33 member countries.

In the United States, indentified by the OECD as the fattest nation among its members, 70 percent of residents are classified as overweight.

The organization has urged adoption of a comprehensive weightgain-prevention strategy.  The program would cost $32 per capita and spare 40,000 Canadians from death due to a chronic disease, the organization said in a Canadian Press interview.

"It will take a huge effort on everyone's part to make a difference," Rena Mendelson, a professor of nutrition at Ryerson University said.  "Right now if you are interested in healthy eating or healthy activity, you're pretty much fighting an upstream battle because our environment really is so conducive to being less active and eating a diet that's high in energy and low in nutrients."

Usana Health Sciences, meanwhile, has been promoting healthy low glycemic eating for years now.  The company introduced the RESET program to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Combining healthy food choices with low glycemic Nutrimeal shakes and energy bars, plus optimal nutritional supplements, people are able to lose weight and keep it off.  Daily exercise is a must with the program.

Call or e-mail me for more information on this revolutionary Usana RESET program to take control of your weight and enjoy a healthier life for you and your family.  Don't gamble with your very life.  There is a safe, delicious and effective way to be lean and healthy.

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