Monday, September 27, 2010

Children's Nutrition Is Super Important for Future Health

Healthy food choices at an early age pay off for years to come.
Three year old Marie Therese Guzik of Edmonton loves her milk, and also her Usana Nutrimeal shakes.  
When we stayed with her family lately, we saw her gobble up her porridge with added fresh blueberries and Usana's OptOmega oil.  Along with that, she gladly chewed a Usanimals and an Active Calcium Chewable. 

Marie Therese's Mom and Dad, Vince and Melissa Guzik, are dedicated to providing their two young children with the very best foods and supplements available, to give them the best chance for optimal health now and for the future.

The Usana Usanimals for young people, provides an advanced formula of important nutrients beneficial for the maintenance of good health.  In addition to a phytonutrient blend of blackberry, cranberry, raspberry and wild blueberry fruit powders, Usanimals contain a comprehensive array of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Usanimals ranks as one of the top two supplements in the Comparitive Guide for Nutritional Supplements for Children, by Lyle MacWilliam.

We've all read how a poor health condition like Osteoporosis, can start even in young children because they are missing important nutrients for strong bone health.  That's why many parents add the Usana Active Calcium Chewable to the kids' daily routine.

Active Calcium Chewable supports the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums, to help maintain strong, mineral-rich bones and healthy teeth. 

Marie Therese kept me dancing when we all went out for supper.  She is a wonderful example of health and energy.

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