Friday, September 17, 2010

What Are The Top Motivators For Increased Business?

So, you have the top ranked product in the world.  What makes people buy it?  Or not?

Just lately, I traded in my leased Acura for a new one.  Did I ask about all the features of the new car?  How many miles to the litre/gallon?  Motor size?  Explain every gadget that is included?

Not really.  So why stay with the Acura?

.  Acura has proven its reputation for being trustworthy.  I know it won't break down in the middle of the winter on a side road at night.

.  The dealership, Crown Acura in Winnipeg, gives excellent service.  They don't waste my time, and they are always friendly and helpful.  Phil Chow and George MacFarlane were professional and well informed as they walked us through the transfer.

.  The car looks like an executive car, has all the comfort features and drives well.  I feel good in it.

.  It includes GPS, so I can find my way to appointments easily.

Did you notice that the main reasons I stay with this brand are from the emotions or the heart?  Yes, the features are important, but it's what they do for me personally that matter.

In my case, I offer a nutritional health program and the opportunity to develop a residual income to people.  I offer a home-based business that can take them out of the stresses of the corporate world. Why would they choose Usana over other companies? 

.  Here again, they want products that are effective and a company that is trustworthy and respected.  That's where the third party accolades given to Usana from Forbes, the Stevie Awards and the Albert Einstein Award, show strength and reliability.

.  They need to know, like and trust the person representing the company.  Sometimes that has to happen quickly.  A person has to feel right about the person they are dealing with.  Are you knowledgeable?  Do you care about what is best for them?  Are you friendly and fun to be with?  Would they like to work with you on a long term basis?

.  How will their lives be better, easier or more fun?
.  Why would they want to tell people about Usana?  Why are they excited about how their lives will be changed?
.  What will they be missing without the Usana products or business opportunity?

.  How can they justify the purchase of the products to themselves and their spouse?  What are the values involved, rather than the costs?  (E.G. Feel and look younger, more energy, less pain, sleep better, calmer under stress, award-winning, etc.)

.  How does the team aspect of creating ongoing income impact their lives?  E.G. Easier to generate income.  A nicer home.  Better car.  Braces for the kids.  Travel more.  Give more.  Secure retirement.

When you put the person's emotions first, you will speak to values and benefits.  Yes, know the facts.  But in the end, once they know the facts, most people make important decisions from the heart.

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