Thursday, August 19, 2010

Usana Opens In China, World's Second Largest Economy

USANA CEO Dave Wentz has announced that USANA has acquired BabyCare Ltd, a direct selling company based in Beijing with operations in 21 cities and 16 provinces.

This is a major move for the company, at a strategic time when China has been declared by the New York Times as the largest economy in the world save the United States.  Harvard Business Review says that China's dominance will rewrite the rules of capitalism for everyone.

USANA's entry into the Chinese market of 1.2 billion people has a long-term objective to establish and grow the USANA brand throughout China.  In an effort to drive this objective, USANA is already working to license some of its products to BabyCare to enhance the company's existing product line.

BabyCare develops, manufactures, and sells high-quality nutritional products for the entire family with an emphasis on infant nutrition.  The company's products are sold through a growing distributor sales force using a commission-based compensation plan. 

As one of only 25 companies operating with a direct selling license in China, BabyCare has more than 11 years of experience in China.

"The acquisition of BabyCare will help USANA achieve its goals," Dave explained.  "The company has a similar commitment to quality which makes it a natural fit for us, as they share our philosophy for high-quality products and pristine manufacturing practices.  In fact, 15 of BabyCare's nutritional supplement products are qualified by SFDA, the government's highest level of product regulatory approval."

Initially, BabyCare will continue to operate as a standalone business in China while helping USANA become more familiar with the market.  the USANA management team also believes that it can help BabyCare reach additional customers through an increased number of distributors selling their products.

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